Kasha Kropinski


The Magicians: SYFY - Guest Star - Enid
The Night Shift: NBC - Guest Star - Bernadine
MacGyver: CBS - Lead Guest Star - Katerina Wagner
The Librarians: TNT - Lead Guest Star - Lucy Lyons
Hell on Wheels: AMC - Series Regular - Ruth Cole
Dirt: FX - Guest Star - Regan
ER: NBC - Guest Star - Mia
Without A Trace: CBS - Guest Star - Lisa Potter
Crossing Jordan: NBC - Guest Star - Kimmy Moran
Angel: WB - Recurring Guest Star - Sarah Holtz
State of Grace: ABC - Guest Star - Annette Wheeler
The Shield: FX - Co-Star - Patty Ann Hinkle
Zoey 101: Nickelodeon - Co-Star - Tabitha

Underwater Upside Down: Lead - Grace Conway
The Story of an African Farm Lead - Lyndall
Almost Kings - Carrie
Fame - Ballerina

Prep & Landing: Disney - Miss Holly
101 Dalmatians II: Disney - Little Penny
The Cat in the Hat: Universal - ADR
Big Fish: Columbia - ADR
The Village: Touchstone - ADR
Mrs. Harris: HBO - ADR
The Hunted: Paramount - ADR
Phantom Investigators: WB - Melanie

A Little Princess: Lead - Sarah Crewe - Andrew Lippa Presentation - Broadway, New York
My Favourite Hussy: Lead - Sophie - The Art of Elysium, Los Angeles
Journey to Me: Lead - The Good Voice - The Art of Elysium, Los Angeles
Dear Maudie: Lead - Maudie - Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles
Hurrah for Noddy: - Lead - Noddy Artscape Theatre Centre
Winnie The Pooh - Christopher Robin Leads an Expedition: - Lead - Noddy Christopher Robin - Grahamstown Arts Festival
Cinderella: Lead - Bird Aurora - El Portal Theatre, Los Angeles
Noddy Goes to the Seaside: Lead - Noddy - Artscape Theatre Centre
Winnie the Pooh: Lead - Christopher Robin - Artscape Theatre Centre
The Jungle Book: Lead - Mowgli - Artscape Theatre Centre
Fantastic Mr. Fox: Lead - Frankie Fox - Artscape Theatre Centre
The Adventures of Peter Rabbit: Lead - Peter Rabbit - Artscape Theatre Centre
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Lead - Doc - Artscape Theatre Centre

Special Skills
Accents, Classical ballet dancer, Singer, Swimmer, French, Piano, Driver's License

Professional Training:
LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Short Course
Trinity College London: Distinction Certificate in Drama and Speech
Royal Academy of Dance: Honours
Royal Ballet School, London
San Francisco Ballet School
Cape Town Artscape Stagecraft